Star snapper


  • Usually occurs singly.
  • A popular food fish that can be easily found in local wet markets. Most of these individuals are from mariculture.


  • Body brown to purplish.
  • A white patch on rear body, above lateral line.
  • A blue line from snout to operculum.
  • Dorsal, anal and caudal fins yellowish, but grey basally.
  • Body yellowish with horizontal blue lines.
  • A white dot bordered with black border on rear body.
  • Two blue lines from snout to operculum.
  • Fins yellowish.

Common Name: Star snapper

Family Common Name: Snappers

Scientific Name: Lutjanus stellatus___(Akazaki, 1983)

Genus: Lutjanus

Maximum Length: 55 cm (Total Length)