Russell’s snapper


  • Juveniles mostly recorded singly, whereas large individuals can form small groups.
  • Juveniles can also be spotted in mangrove, estuaries, tidepools and lower reaches of freshwater streams.
  • Feeds on small fishes and benthic crustaceans.
  • A curious but wary species.


  • Body colouration overall whitish silvery but brownish dorsally
  • Pelvic and anal fins yellow or whitish.
  • A dark oval-shaped blotch, sometimes faint, near the lateral line on posterior portion of the body.
  • Four dark stripes on each side running from eye to caudal peduncle, stripes gradually fading to yellow with growth.

Common Name: Russell's snapper

Family Common Name: Snappers

Scientific Name: Lutjanus russellii___(Bleeker, 1849)

Genus: Lutjanus

Maximum Length: 50 cm (Total Length)