Emperor red snapper


Usually occurs singly. May occur in groups. Maximum reported age is 40 years old.


  • Body solid red to pink.
  • Red bars present in juveniles are largely to completely faded.
  • Body white with three dark red bars.
  • The first bar begins from nape, crosses through the eye and reaches the mouth. The second bar starts from the anterior of the dorsal fin to
  • The third bar begins from the posterior of the dorsal fin and reaches caudal fin lower lobe.
  • The upper lobe of the caudal fin is also marked with a short, red bar.
  • The three red bars fade with age as the entire fish becomes almost uniform in body colour.

Common Name: Emperor red snapper

Family Common Name: Snappers

Scientific Name: Lutjanus sebae___(Cuvier, 1816)

Genus: Lutjanus

Maximum Length: 116 cm (Fork Length)