Regal demoiselle


  • Occurs in small groups and mixed with other damselfishes, rarely observed singly.
  • Females reported to attach eggs on substrates such as boulders, and males will guard and aerate the eggs until hatching.
  • Feeds on plankton.


  • Body is dark brown with a white spot at the end of dorsal fin base.
  • Elongated caudal fin lobes.
  • A blackish spot above the operculum near the origin of the lateral line, which readily distinguishes from the Pearl-spot chromis.
  • Reproductively active males were noted in at least in August and September. Light coloured blotches appear in breeding males.

Common Name: Regal demoiselle

Family Common Name: Damselfishes

Scientific Name: Neopomacentrus cyanomos___(Bleeker, 1856)

Maximum Length: 10 cm (Total Length)