Allen To

Reticulate dascyllus


Reticulate dascyllus


  • Often recorded singly, but sometimes in schools.
    Adults sometimes associate with Pavona decussata corals, while juveniles associate
    with branching corals, such as Acropora spp.
  • Protogynous (able to change sex from female to male) species. Some populations
    exhibit diandric protogyny, in which juveniles can either be born as males and
    develop as males (primary male), or born as females and change sex to become
    males (secondary male) later in life.


  • Body white to pale brown.
  • Head grey to pale brown.
  • A vertical black bar crosses through pectoral fin base. In juveniles, there is another vertical black bar in front of the caudal peduncle, which fades with growth.

Common Name: Reticulate dascyllus

Family Common Name: Damselfishes

Family: Pomacentridae

Scientific Name: Dascyllus reticulatus ___(Richardson, 1846)

Genus: Dacyllus

Maximum Length: 9 cm (Total Length)