Blackspot tuskfish


Occurs singly and in small schools. In 1960, this species was reported to be common in Hong Kong, but today it is considered a rare species.Protogynous species. Females matures around 24 cm (Total Length) at around 2 years old. They will change sex to become males at around 6 years old between around 40 – 64 cm (Total Length).] In Australia, this species has been reported to crush bivalves with a rock. In Japan, early stage juveniles are reported to feed on copepods found on brown algae. When juveniles grow larger, they feed more on different animals, such as isopods, molluscs and decapods.


  • Body greenish grey dorsally and shading to light yellow ventrally in juveniles and females. Males are bluish.
  • A blue streak on each body scale.
  • A black blotch just below mid-dorsal fin.

Common Name: Blackspot tuskfish, Blackspotted tuskfish

Family Common Name: Wrasses

Family: Labridae

Scientific Name: Choerodon schoenleinii___(Valenciennes, 1839)

Maximum Length: 100 cm (Total Length)