Peacock wrasse


  • Able to change sex from female to male.


Initial phase:
  • Body whitish.
  • Orange dots forming horizontal stripes on body.
Terminal phase:
  • Body greenish.
  • Orange stripes on face and dark-blue blotch near pectoral fin base.
  • One darker stripe runs along the base of the dorsal fin, and a dark band runs from tip of snout to end of caudal peduncle.
  • A dark blotch intersects with the band, about one third of the way in from the snout.

Common Name: Peacock wrasse

Family Common Name: Wrasses

Family: Labridae

Scientific Name: Parajulis poecilepterus___(Temminck & Schlegel, 1845)

Maximum Length: 34 cm (Total Length)