Hartzfeld’s wrasse


  • Recorded singly and in small groups.


Terminal phase:
  • Body greenish. An orange to pink horizontal stripe begins from gill cover to tail.
  • A yellow patch around pectoral fin base.
  • A purple to pink horizontal stripe along dorsal fin base.
  • Face green with purple- pink markings.
Initial phase:
  • Body whitish, sometimes reddish.
  • A yellow to orange horizontal stripe runs from snout to caudal fin base, ending with a black dot. An orange horizontal stripe begins from nape, underlines the dorsal fin base and reaches the upper part of caudal peduncle.

Common Name: Hartzfeld's wrasse

Family Common Name: Wrasses

Family: Labridae

Scientific Name: Halichoeres hartzfeldii___(Bleeker, 1852)

Maximum Length: 18 cm (Total Length)