Moon wrasse


  • Observed singly and occasionally in small groups.
  • Feeds on small crustaceans, benthic invertebrates and fish roe.
  • Able to change sex from female to male with growth. Study from Australia reported that females mature in 1 year at 7 cm (Standard Length) and change sex at age of 3 years, approximately 12 cm (Standard Length).
  • Reported to live up to at least 12 years.
  • Fast and wary swimmer. Not easily captured by cameras nor approached by divers.


Terminal phase (male and female):
  • Body colouration generally green-bluish made up of dense, fine, pinkish vertical lines on body.
  • Head marked with irregular green or purplish-red bands.
  • Purple-pink pectoral fins bordered with blue edge.
  • Distinct yellow lunate caudal fin.
  • Males are more bluish overall particularly the head.
Initial phase (juvenile):
  • Body greenish brown dorsally, bluish white ventrally.
  • A dark spot marks middle of dorsal fin and on caudal peduncle.
  • Transparent-white truncate caudal fin.

Common Name: Moon wrasse

Family Common Name: Wrasses

Family: Labridae

Scientific Name: Thalassoma lunare___(Linnaeus, 1758)

Maximum Length: 30 cm (Total Length)