Zebra turkeyfish


  • Feeds on crustaceans and small fishes.
  • Hunts solitarily or cooperatively in small groups.
  • In Japan, spawning reportedly occurs after sunset. Each time, females spawn two mucous sacks, and each sack contains a few thousand eggs. The mucus helps to deter egg-eating predators.
  • Spines are venomous, and can cause a painful sting to humans.


  • Vertical reddish-brown bars on each side of the body with alternate, narrower vertical white bars.
  • Stripped or spotted fins.
  • Usually with tentacles above eyes.

Common Name: Zebra turkeyfish

Family Common Name: Scorpionfishes

Scientific Name: Dendrochirus zebra___(Cuvier, 1829)

Maximum Length: 25 cm (Standard Length)