Yellowbar angelfish


  • Juveniles of the Pomacanthus genus can be similar in appearance and may be easily misidentified.
  • Naturally distributed in the Red Sea, Persian Gulf and Gulf of Oman. It was also found in Mediterranean recently. Hong Kong is not within it’s known range of natural distribution.
  • Estimated to live to 36 years old.



  • Head and body blue.
  • A large, vertically elongated yellow blotch mid body.
  • Dorsal and anal fins elongated.
  • Bright blue margin on dorsal, anal, pectoral and caudal fins
  • Caudal fin yellowish.
  • Juvenile:
  • Body dark with numerous bluish to white vertical lines, which are curved towards head.
  • Caudal fin transparent.

Common Name: Yellowbar angelfish

Family Common Name: Angelfishes

Scientific Name: Pomacanthus maculosus___(Forsskål, 1775)

Maximum Length: 50 cm (Standard Length)