Yellow boxfish


  • Often recorded singly.
  • Adults are wary of divers.
  • Able to secret toxic mucus through skin.
  • Mainly feeds on algae and associated organisms.



  • Body yellow.
  • Numerous black spots on body in small juveniles. May have dark-edged pale blue spots on larger juveniles. Juveniles look similar to that of the Immaculate boxfish, which is differentiable by having additional pale blue spots on the body not observed on the Yellow boxfish.

Adult males:

  • Body bluish with yellow undertones.
  • Yellow seams between body plates.
  • While similar looking, the Immaculate boxfish has blue spots on each plate.

Adult females:

  • Body yellow or black.
  • Numerous dark-edged pale blue spots on body.

Common Name: Cube trunkfish, Yellow boxfish

Family Common Name: Boxfishes

Scientific Name: Ostracion cubicus___(Linnaeus, 1758)

Maximum Length: 45 cm (Total Length)