White-spotted spinefoot


  • Large individuals generally encountered singly or in small groups, whereas juveniles form small groups or schools of more than 100 individuals. Poisonous spines which can inflict pain to human.
  • At night, resting motionlessly on sandy bottoms or next to substrate, boulders and rubbles.
  • Versatile species, which is found almost everywhere in Hong Kong waters, including in typhoon shelters, Victoria Harbour and sewage outfalls.
  • Found to spawn from March to June.
  • Feeds on detritus, bivalves, fish, algae and small invertebrates.
  • In United Arab Emirates, reported to live almost up to eight years, and both males and females first mature at around two years.


  • Body colouration dusky olive-greenish to yellow-brown dorsally, and silvery-white ventrally.
  • Numerous small bluish to white dots over body.
  • A dark eye-sized blotch (sometimes faint) just behind gill cover.
  • Night colouration mottled with white, pale and dark brown.

Common Name: Mottled spinefoot, Pearl-spot spinefoot, Seagrass rabbitfish, White-spotted spinefoot

Family Common Name: Rabbitfishes

Family: Siganidae

Scientific Name: Siganus canaliculatus / Siganus fuscescens___(Park, 1797)

Genus: Siganus

Maximum Length: 40 cm (Total Length)