Whipfin silver-biddy


  • Feeds on crustaceans, sponges, jellyfishes, polychaetes, bivalves and gastropods.
  • A study from India showed individuals mature at 14 cm (Total Length).


  • Body silvery.
  • A series of rows of dark oval spots visible along the body.
  • In large individuals, a long filament can be found extending from the beginning of the dorsal fin.
  • Similar in appearance to the Threadfin porgy, but differs by having only one elongated filament, instead of two.

Common Name: Whipfin silver-biddy

Family Common Name: Mojarras

Family: Gerreidae

Scientific Name: Gerres filamentosus___(Cuvier, 1829)

Genus: Gerres

Maximum Length: 35 cm (Total Length)