Ventral-barred shrimpgoby


  • Recorded singly, usually sharing burrows with commensal shrimps.


  • Individuals may be one of several colour phases, including yellow, dark or light brownish.
  • Numerous blue spots visible on cheeks, with a pair of dark bars, resembling an “equals sign (=)”, on each side of the cheeks. These bars may be faint or appear absent in larger individuals, especially in the yellow colour phase.
  • Body with mottled pattern.
  • Alternate yellow, blue and brown stipes on pelvic fins.
  • Dorsal fin shape angular with pointed tip.
  • Yellow phase may easily be confused with the Yellow prawn-goby, on which the dorsal fin is more rounded and the bars on the cheeks are absent.

Common Name: Ventral-barred shrimpgoby

Family Common Name: Gobies

Family: Gobiidae

Scientific Name: Cryptocentrus sericus___(Herre, 1932)

Maximum Length: 10 cm (Total Length)