Variegated lizardfish


  • Often recorded singly and in pairs, occasionally in small groups.
  • Sometimes found perched on boulders.
  • Mainly feeds on small fishes.


  • Body colour variable, with 8 to 9 saddles that may appear dark red, grey, brown or green.
  • A thick, dark horizontal stripe runs from in front of the eyes to tail base. Form and colour of the stripe are highly variable, and sometimes appears to be segregated into sections.
  • Dorsal, pectoral, caudal and anal fins all have dots, giving the appearance of a striped pattern.

Common Name: Variegated lizardfish

Family Common Name: Lizardfishes

Scientific Name: Synodus variegatus___(Lacepède, 1803)

Genus: Synodus

Maximum Length: 40 cm (Total Length)