U-mark sandperch


  • Mostly encountered singly, perched on surfaces, sometimes with body in a slightly curved pose.
  • Curious and relatively easy to approach by divers or captured on camera.
  • Can change sex from females to males with growth.
  • Males form a territory incorporating several females, and the male has a home range of approximately 10 m square.


  • Body colouration reddish-brown, pale ventrally.
  • Five V-shaped reddish-brown to blackish blotches on dorsal side of body, and 8 – 9 narrow faint to dusky vertical bars on ventral side.
  • Spotted caudal fin frequently with reddish posterior margin.
  • Transparent pectoral fins, but white near fin base with a single yellowy-bronze spot.

Common Name: U-mark sandperch

Family Common Name: Sandperches

Scientific Name: Parapercis snyderi___(Jordan & Starks, 1905)

Maximum Length: 11 cm (Total Length)