Longfin batfish


Adults usually form groups, and juveniles usually occur singly near floating objects.



  • Body silvery.
  • A vertical black bar crosses through eye. Another vertical black bar extends from front dorsal fin to pelvic fins.
  • A black blotch behind pelvic fin base.
  • Pelvic fins yellow.


  • Body colour and patterns similar to adults, but with a third vertical black bar from rear dorsal fin to anal fin, and pelvic fins black.
  • Dorsoventrally elongated.
  • Dorsal, pelvic and anal fins elongated.

Common Name: Longfin batfish, Round-faced batfish, Tiera batfish

Family Common Name: Batfishes

Scientific Name: Platax teira___(Forsskål, 1775)

Genus: Platax

Maximum Length: 70 cm (Total Length)