Threadfin porgy


  • Often recorded singly.
  • Maximum age is around 30 years old.
  • Matures at around 7 years old. Most females also reported to mature at about 12 cm (Standard Length).
  • In Hong Kong, breeding season is between November and March.


  • Body pinkish dorsally and silvery ventrally.
  • Closely packed blue spots lined up to form several horizontal stripes on each side of the body.
  • First two spines on dorsal fin are long and filamentous. Similar in appearance to the Whipfin silver-biddy, but differs by having two elongated filaments, instead of only one.

Common Name: Threadfin porgy

Family Common Name: Porgies

Family: Sparidae

Scientific Name: Evynnis cardinalis___(Lacepède, 1802)

Genus: Evynnis

Maximum Length: 40 cm (Total Length)