Striped eel catfish


  • Adults recorded singly and in small groups. Juveniles often form schools, which may look like a large, moving ball as they swim together. Schools may sometimes comprise more than 100 individuals.
  • Possesses three venomous spines: one on dorsal fin and the others on pectoral fins. In Hong Kong, its sting has resulted in hospitalisation.


  • Body brown to black dorsally and white ventrally.
  • Two white stripes run from lips to tail on each side of the body.
  • Four pairs of barbels on head, giving a whiskered appearance.
  • Anal fin and part of the dorsal fin fused with caudal fin.

Common Name: Striped eel catfish

Family Common Name: Eeltail Catfishes

Scientific Name: Plotosus lineatus___(Thunberg, 1787)

Genus: Plotosus

Maximum Length: 32 cm (Total Length)