Spangled emperor


  • Often recorded singly, and sometimes in small groups.
  • In Japan, small individuals dwell in seagrass beds.
  • The maximum estimated age is 31 years.
  • Exhibits non-functional protogynous hermaphroditism (sex change from female to male) or functional gonochorism (does not change sex), in which juveniles are female, and at a certain age or size (approximately 21 – 30 cm (Fork length)), they can change sex to male or remain female. Once females reach adulthood, they do not change sex to male.


  • Body yellow to bronze and paler ventrally.
  • Some light blue dots on body. Some of these dots may align to form several horizontal stripes.
  • Several blue lines radiate from eyes.

Common Name: Blue emperor, Pearly lentjan, Spangled emperor

Family Common Name: Emperors

Scientific Name: Lethrinus nebulosus___(Forsskål, 1775)

Maximum Length: 87 cm (Total Length)