Smokey chromis


  • In Hong Kong, the present species is observed to mix and school with other damselfishes, such as the Pearl-spot chromis.
  • Mainly feeds on pelagic copepods. Its lower jaw is longer and thinner compared to the Pearl-spot chromis, which is considered an adaptation to capture pelagic prey. The Pearl-spot chromis, while also feeding mainly on copepods, has a stronger lower jaw, which allows it to feed on other hard organisms more efficiently.


  • Body orangish brown and may be paler ventrally. The similar looking Pearl- spot chromis possesses a grey to brown body, therefore distinguishable.
  • A black spot at pectoral fin base.
  • A white dot at rear dorsal fin base. Caudal fins with dark upper and lower margins.

Common Name: Smokey chromis

Family Common Name: Damselfishes

Scientific Name: Chromis fumea___(Tanaka, 1917)

Genus: Chromis

Maximum Length: 10 cm (Standard Length)