Slender grouper


  • Usually occurs singly.
  • Mainly feeds on small fishes.
  • Juveniles mimic the initial phase of several Halichoeres species.


  • Body slender compared to other groupers.
  • Body greenish grey to brownish grey with numerous orange spots.
  • Usually with 3 – 4 horizontal pale stripes on body. Individuals can change the intensity of stripes.
  • Body covered with alternate horizontal orange-gold stripes and dark edged bluish stripes.
  • May have 1 – 2 blue edged black spots on tail base and may have another blue edged black dot on rear dorsal fin base.

Common Name: Slender grouper, White-line grouper

Family Common Name: Groupers

Scientific Name: Anyperodon leucogrammicus___(Valenciennes, 1828)

Maximum Length: 65 cm (Total Length)