Sleepy goby


  • Mainly feeds on small fishes and small crustaceans.


  • Body black, dark brown or pale brown. May be covered with dark brown, pale brown or white blotches, dots or bands.
  • Body dorsoventrally compressed.
  • Lower jaw is longer than upper jaw.
  • Two dorsal fins. First dorsal fin is dark with white markings. Second dorsal fin is translucent.
  • Caudal fin dark with white markings. Upper two-thirds of the fin is translucent, and lower one-third possesses solid black and white patterning.

Common Name: Sleepy goby

Family Common Name: Gobies

Family: Gobiidae

Scientific Name: Psammogobius biocellatus___(Valenciennes, 1837)

Maximum Length: 12 cm (Total Length)