Sailfin tang


  • Usually occurs singly. Elsewhere, may form small groups.

  • Feeds on algae.


  • Adults:

    • Body with alternate pale brown to yellowish and dark brown vertical bars.

    • Face and first two dark bars may have visible light-coloured dots. Remaining dark bars and all pale brown to yellowish bars with vertical lined patterning.

    • Dorsal and anal fins large and sail-like when fully open.

    • Sometimes with a coloured blotch at caudal peduncle, with a dark scalpel-like spine.

    • Caudal fin yellow or dark brown with no dots.

  • Juveniles:

    • Body yellow with several vertical dark bars.

    • Dorsal and anal fins large and sail-like,

    • Caudal fin transparent.

Common Name: Sailfin tang

Family Common Name: Surgeonfishes

Scientific Name: Zebrasoma velifer___(Bloch, 1795)

Maximum Length: 40 cm (Standard Length)