Sabah grouper


  • The Sabah grouper is produced by artificially fertilising the egg of the Tiger grouper (Epinephelus fuscoguttatus) with the sperm of Giant grouper (E. lanceolatus). The fertilising technique was first developed by researches in Malaysia.
  • May have been introduced to local waters by fish-release or escape from maricultures, raising concerns for their potential impacts on the local ecology.
  • Found to be the most common hybrid grouper in Hong Kong fish markets in 2017.
  • Besides the Sabah grouper, there may be other hybrid groupers in local waters.
  • For more information on the impacts of introduced or ”alien” species, and conservation concerns related to the presence of Sabah groupers in the wild in Hong Kong, see here!


  • Body dark brown.
  • Body with numerous black dots and irregular, various-sized white patches. Patches may form vertical bars.
  • Fins may have black spots. Fin patterns may look similar to that of the Giant grouper, while head profile looks similar to Tiger grouper.

Common Name: Hybrid grouper, Sabah grouper

Family Common Name: Groupers

Scientific Name: Epinephelus fuscoguttatus × Epinephelus lanceolatus___

Genus: Hybrid

Maximum Length: Coming Soon