Eviota pygmy goby species


  • Found in coral areas and adjacent sandy and rubble areas.
  • Evasive and easily alerted.
  • The genus, Eviota, contains some of the smallest species of gobies, as well as some of the shortest-living species among all known vertebrates.


  • Body translucent with a light brownish and sometimes orange tone.
  • Numerous dark spots throughout the body.
  • Relatively small. Mostly observed in this project’s surveys to be about 3 - 4 cm in length.
  • Not to be confused with another genus of gobies, Bryaninops, which are also relatively small in size but differ in appearance and habitats.

Common Name: Eviota pygmy goby species

Family Common Name: Gobies

Family: Gobiidae

Scientific Name: Eviota spp.___

Genus: Eviota

Maximum Length: Not Applicable