Finepatterned puffer


  • Feeds on invertebrates and small fishes.
  • Poisonous species.
  • Tetrodotoxin is recorded in different parts of body, such as skin, ovaries, liver and muscles


  • Dorsally light brown.
  • Ventrally white to yellowish.
  • Dorsally covered with numerous circular white spots and white dots.
  • White spots near the ventral side are larger and the shapes are more irregularly shaped.
  • The similar looking Hong Kong pufferfish possesses spots that are more irregular spots throughout the dorsal area.
  • Another similar looking species, the Milkspotted puffer, possesses white spots which are distinctively elongated in shape around the sides of the body, and more regularly shaped and spaced throughout the ventral area.

Common Name: Finepatterned puffer

Family Common Name: Pufferfishes

Scientific Name: Takifugu c.f. poecilonotus___(Temminck & Schlegel, 1850)

Genus: Takifugu

Maximum Length: 20 cm (Standard Length)