Pink-speckled shrimpgoby


  • Mostly recorded singly, sharing a burrow with commensal shrimps.


  • Body pale yellowish-brown.
  • Several pale red to brown vertical bars on each side of the body. The third bar touches the anal fin. Readily distinguishes from the very similar looking Cryptocentrus melanopus, on which the third bar does not or only slightly touches anal fin.
  • Anal fin with alternatingly red and green vertical bars.
  • Numerous blue and red spots on the head, which are relatively scattered towards the back. Red spots are slightly larger than blue spots.
  • On the face, red spots are surrounded by blue spots.
  • Differs from Cryptocentrus melanopus, which has a board bar between eye and mouth that is not present in this species.

Common Name: Pink shrimpgoby, Pink-speckled shrimpgoby

Family Common Name: Gobies

Family: Gobiidae

Scientific Name: Cryptocentrus leptocephalus___(Bleeker, 1876)

Maximum Length: 12 cm (Standard Length)