Pacific rudderfish


Large individuals demersal but swim to surface at night. Juveniles recorded singly or in small schools associated with jellyfish. A study from Taiwan indicates that most females mature at around 15.7 cm (Fork Length) and most males mature at around 15.3 cm (Fork Length). A study shows that in northern part of South China Sea, the present species breeds between December and September with a peak season between February and march (Chung 1971). Feeds on crustaceans.


  • Body silvery white.
  • A black blotch above gill cover.
  • Juveniles with vertical, diffused dark bars on body.

Common Name: Butterfish, Medusafish, Pacific rudderfish

Family Common Name: Medusafishes

Scientific Name: Psenopsis anomala___(Temminck & Schlegel, 1844)

Maximum Length: 30 cm (Total Length)