Oriental sillago


  • Dwells in sandy or silty habitats.
  • Feeds on polychaetes, crustceans and planktons.
  • In Japan, both sexes were found to be mature at around 1 -– 2 years old, and the maximum ages of females and males are reportedly around 4 and 2 years old respectively.
  • In Hong Kong, this species was once misidentified as the Trumpeter whiting (Sillago maculata),is now considered endemic to Australia.


  • Body silvery and light brown dorsally.
  • Brown spots may be visible on body.

Common Name: Oriental sillago

Family Common Name: Sillagos

Scientific Name: Sillago aeolus___(Jordan & Evermann, 1902)

Genus: Sillago

Maximum Length: 30 cm (Standard Length)