Orangespine unicornfish


  • Mainly feeds on brown algae.
  • An adult was recorded once at Sharp Island during the survey, suspected to have been artificially introduced.
  • Elsewhere, occurs singly or in groups.
  • Recorded to live to at least 14 years old in the wild.
  • Most males and females mature at around 18 cm and 15 cm (Fork length) respectively.


  • Body olive to greyish brown.
  • Black along the front of the snout, between eyes and mouth.
  • A curve, yellow stripe from eye to mouth, outlining the black colouration.
  • Caudal peduncle orange.
  • Tail grey with a yellow posterior margin.

Common Name: Orangespine unicornfish

Family Common Name: Surgeonfishes

Scientific Name: Naso lituratus___(Forster, 1801)

Genus: Naso

Maximum Length: 46 cm (Standard Length)