Orange-black dragonet


  • Sometimes may ‘walk’ on the sea bed.


  • Body brown with black and white blotches on the sides.
  • Orange lips.
  • Pelvic fins are fan-like.
  • Appears to have legs, which are actually the pelvic spine and first pelvic ray fused into an elongated rod.
  • Black spot on the posterior base of first dorsal fin.
  • Similar to females of another local species, Fingered dragonet, but they are readily distinguishable by the less elongated first dorsal fin and more elongated fin rays in the female Fingered dragonet.
  • Juvenile body white.

Common Name: Orange-black dragonet

Family Common Name: Dragonets

Scientific Name: Dactylopus kuiteri___(Fricke, 1992)

Maximum Length: 15 cm (Total Length)