Okinawan yellow-fin seabream


  • The species was discovered and described by two Japanese biologists in 2008. Before 2008, the species was misidentified as Acanthopagrus australis, a species which is currently considered to occur only in eastern Australian waters.


  • Body silvery grey and paler ventrally.
  • Pelvic and anal fins yellow. Dorsal and caudal have black margins.
  • Can be distinguished from similar looking Goldsilk seabream and Black porgy by the number of rows of scales above the lateral line. The current species has 4.5 rows of scales, while the Black seabream has 3.5 rows and Black porgy has more than 4.5 rows.

Common Name: Okinawan yellow-fin seabream

Family Common Name: Porgies

Family: Sparidae

Scientific Name: Acanthopagrus chinshira___(Kume & Yoshino, 2008)

Maximum Length: 20.4 cm (Standard Length)