Moorish idol


  • Usually occurs singly, but elsewhere may form large schools comprising more than 100 individuals.
  • Feeds on sponges and tunicates.


  • Body white and yellowish posteriorly with two thick vertical black bands. The first band begins from nape, crosses through eye and ends at pelvic fins, becoming progressively wider to give a triangular appearance. The second begins at posterior dorsal fin and ends at the tip of anal fin.
  • Chin black.
  • Snout prominently protruded, with a black-margined yellow saddle on protruding snout.
  • Dorsal fin elongated and filamentous.
  • Caudal fin black with whitish margin at fin edge.

Common Name: Moorish idol, Spined moorish

Family Common Name: Moorish Idol

Family: Zanclidae

Scientific Name: Zanclus cornutus___(Linnaeus, 1758)

Genus: Zanclus

Maximum Length: 23 cm (Total Length)