Longfin grouper


  • Recorded singly.
  • Feeds on small fishes, crabs, shrimps and worms.
  • Can change sex from female to male.
  • Females become sexually mature when reaching 19 cm (Standard Length).
  • In Hong Kong, breeding seasons are from May to September.
  • Recorded in Hong Kong waters to live to at least 14 years.
  • Reported in the 1960s to be one of the most common groupers in shallow and intertidal eastern waters of Hong Kong.


  • Body covered with brown hexagonal to round patterns.
  • Patterns on the tail are of a similar size to the patterns on the body, distinguishable from the Honeycomb grouper on which patterns are smaller on the tail than on the body.
  • Two dark brown bands visible beneath pectoral fin bases, readily distinguishes from the Honeycomb grouper, which has spots instead of bands.

Common Name: Longfin grouper

Family Common Name: Groupers

Scientific Name: Epinephelus quoyanus___(Valenciennes, 1830)

Maximum Length: 40 cm (Total Length)