Live sharksucker


  • Usually observed latching onto larger fishes such as sharks, dolphins, turtles and divers. Once observed latching onto a large ray in this project’s survey in Hong Kong.
  • Juveniles of the species were once reported to remain within an area and behaved as a cleaner fish.
  • Some records show fishermen’s use of the Live sharksucker to capture fish and sea turtles, as documented for in Africa, Australia, Colombia, Cuba and the South China Sea.


  • Body greyish-brown to black.
  • Two horizontal white lines running through the full length of the body, ending at caudal fin base.
  • An oval sucking disc on head.

Common Name: Live sharksucker

Family Common Name: Remoras

Scientific Name: Echeneis naucrates___Linnaeus, 1758

Genus: Echeneis

Maximum Length: 110 cm (Total Length)