Largescaled terapon


  • Juveniles associate with floating objects.
  • Feeds on fishes and benthic invertebrates.


  • Body generally silvery. Dorsally slightly dusky green., v Ventrally white.
  • 4 horizontal brown stripes on body, The second stripe crosses through eye.
  • A similar looking species, Jarbua terapon, also possesses dark horizontal stripes on the body, but the stripes are slightly curved and do not cross through eye, unlike Terapon jarbua which has no stripe crosses through eye.
  • A prominent black blotch on anterior part near the tip of dorsal fin.
  • Pelvic fins yellowish with a black stripe. The black stripe is absent in the similar looking Jarbua terapon, while T. jarbua has no black stripe.
  • Several horizontal brown stripes on caudal fin.

Common Name: Large-scaled tigerfish, Largescaled terapon, Three-lined theraponid

Family Common Name: Tigerfishes

Scientific Name: Terapon theraps___Cuvier, 1829

Genus: Terapon

Maximum Length: 30 cm (Standard Length)