Largehead hairtail


  • In Japan, it was recorded that the present species spent most of the time at the sea bottom in daytime and migrated to mid water to feed at night.
  • Juveniles mainly feed on small crustaceans, while adults feed on fishes, cephalopods and crustaceans.
  • Males first mature at around 64 cm (Total Length) and females first mature at around 69 cm (Total Length)
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  • Body silvery and elongated.
  • Tail long and becomes filamentous at the end.
  • Mouth big. Lower jaw protruded and longer than upper jaw.
  • Teeth big and sharp.

Common Name: Largehead hairtail

Family Common Name: Hairtails

Scientific Name: Trichiurus lepturus___Linnaeus, 1758

Maximum Length: 234 cm (Total Length)