Knobsnout parrotfish


  • Usually occurs singly and may form small groups.
  • Reported to cause food poisoning in Japan due to palytoxin.


Terminal phase:

  • Body bluish and orange-yellow, with orange- yellow scale edges. In larger individuals, anterior body may be orange.
  • Fins orange-yellow with blue margins.
  • A humped. large bump on forehead.

Initial phase:

  • Body brown, ventrally paler.
  • All fins except pectoral fins possess blue margins.

Juvenile phase:

  • Body brown with 2 – 3 vertical pale bars.

Common Name: Knobsnout parrotfish

Family Common Name: Parrotfishes

Family: Scaridae

Scientific Name: Scarus ovifrons___(Temminck & Schlegel, 1846)

Genus: Scarus

Maximum Length: 78 cm (Total Length)