Japanese shrimpgoby


  • Shares burrow with commensal shrimps.
  • This species was found to spend most of their time near the entrance of the burrow during the day, and movements were limited to an area of about 3 m in radius from the entrance.
  • The egg mass of the species is reported to contain around twenty thousand eggs.
  • Feeds mainly on small sized crustaceans.
  • Can easily be confused with morphologically similar <a href=https://www.114ehkreeffish.org/?post_type=reef-fish&p=4885/&lang=en>Masked shrimpgoby</a>, which lives in a similar habitat.


  • Body colour pale, creamy-whitish.
  • Several vertical brown bars on body.
  • A ‘C’-shaped brown mark on caudal fin.
  • First dorsal fin triangular.
  • Bright blue lines on face and pelvic fins.

Common Name: Japanese shrimpgoby

Family Common Name: Gobies

Family: Gobiidae

Scientific Name: Amblyeleotris japonica___(Takagi, 1957)

Maximum Length: 8.5 cm (Total Length)