Immaculate boxfish


  • Often recorded singly.
  • In Japan, this species has been recorded to feed on ascidians.
  • Ingestion of this species has caused food poising in Japan.



  • Body is yellowish.
  • Numerous black spots and pale blue spots on body. Black spots fade out with growth, but blue spots will enlarge. Juveniles look similar to that of the Yellow boxfish, which has only black spots or dark edged blue spots, but no pale blue spots.


  • Body yellow and blue.
  • Blue spots on each body plate and dark or blue seams can be visible around some plates.
  • While similar looking, the Yellow boxfish has yellow seams among body plates in adult males and had dark-edged pale blue spots on body in adult females.

Common Name: Immaculate boxfish

Family Common Name: Boxfishes

Scientific Name: Ostracion immaculatus___(Temminck & Schlegel, 1850)

Maximum Length: 25 cm (Standard Length)