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Humpback grouper


Humpback grouper

High-finned grouper, Barramundi cod


  • Feeds on fishes and crustaceans.
  • In Australia, this species is reported to be able to live at least 19 years old in wild.
  • Exhibits protogynous (female to male) sex change.
  • Females mature between 30 and 40 cm (Total Length) and between 1 and 2 years


  • Body white to light greenish brown.
  • Numerous black spots on body. Spots are fewer, larger and less dense in smaller individuals.
  • Humpbacked with a distinctive head shape curving steeply upwards.

Common Name: Barramundi cod, High-finned grouper, Humpback grouper

Family Common Name: Groupers

Family: Epinephelidae

Scientific Name: Cromileptes altivelis ___(Valenciennes, 1828)

Genus: Cromileptes

Maximum Length: 70 cm (Total Length)