Horn dragonet


  • Common in coastal trawling grounds.
  • Previously known as Richardson’s dragonet, Repomucenus richardsonii.
  • Feeds on algae, detritus, polychaete and macrobenthos larvae.


  • Body brown and marbled.
  • Long preopercular (meaning “located just in front of the gill cover”) spine strongly curved upward.
  • Male:
  • Face with small blue lines and patterns.
  • Oblique black lines on ventral side.
  • Female
  • A black blotch on rear part of dorsal fin.

Common Name: Cuvispined dragonet, Horn dragonet, Richardson's dragonet

Family Common Name: Dragonets

Scientific Name: Callionymus curvicornis___(Valenciennes, 1837)

Maximum Length: 11.1 cm (Standard Length)