Hong Kong pufferfish


  • Can be found buried in sand with only the eyes and small parts of body exposed.
  • Mostly observed singly.
  • Feeds on worms, crabs and squid.
  • Poisonous species. The fleshes, liver, ovaries, testes, skin and intestine are reported to be toxic.
  • Spawning season in Hong Kong reported from December to February.


  • Body colouration light brown dorsally, whitish to yellow ventrally.
  • Irregular white spots and blotches on dorsal side.
  • Whereas, distinguished from Chelonodon patoca by relatively regular and elongated spots on latter’s body.

Common Name: Hong Kong pufferfish

Family Common Name: Pufferfishes

Scientific Name: Takifugu alboplumbeus___(Richardson, 1845)

Genus: Takifugu

Maximum Length: 23 cm (Standard Length)