Honeycomb filefish


  • Usually occurs singly.
  • Feeds on benthic organisms.
  • Males perform an aggressive display when they meet another male. They tilt their heads slightly upwards, vibrate their dorsal spine and open their ventral flap.
  • Males exhibit at several courtship displays. For example, a male may vibrate his body when a female is present, or he may change his colour patterns to polygonal patterns and place his body horizontally on ground while following a female.


  • Exhibits several colour patterns.
  • Body can be grey to brown with no patterns, or bluish with closely-packed, brown polygonal patterns on body and bluish stripes on head.
  • Usually has a white dot on upper caudal peduncle.

Common Name: Honeycomb filefish, Honeycomb leatherjacket

Family Common Name: Filefishes

Scientific Name: Cantherhines pardalis___(Rüppell, 1837)

Maximum Length: 25 cm (Total Length)