Gerres silvery-biddy


  • Recorded singly. Gerres spp. is listed here because sometimes it is difficult to distinguish the species of the genus, such as between the Slender silver-biddy and Common silver-biddy. A reliable external characteristic to distinguish these two species is the dorsal fin. The dorsal fin of the Slender silver-biddy does not have a black tip, but the dorsal fin of the Common silver-biddy does have a black tip. However, at nighttime, some individuals have greyish mottling on the body, which does not normally appear on the two species, and the black tip on dorsal fin is unclear. These circumstances would make accurate species identification difficult. In such cases, listings may be made up to the level of the genus only.


  • Body silvery with greyish mottling.
  • At least two species under the same genus “Gerres” recorded in Hong Kong waters.
  • The Slender silver-biddy and Common silver-biddy, do not have mottling on body normally.

Common Name: Gerres mojarra species, Gerres silvery-biddy

Family Common Name: Mojarras

Family: Gerreidae

Scientific Name: Gerres spp.___

Genus: Gerres

Maximum Length: Not Applicable