Freckled goatfish


  • Generally observed singly, occasionally in small groups feeding in sandy bottoms.
  • Feeds on crustaceans, fish, mollusks and worms.
  • In Vietnam, females reported to attain sexual maturity by 10.2 cm (Fork Length).


  • Body colouration light brownish-grey dorsally to white ventrally with reddish-brown speckling.
  • A red to dark brown horizontal band runs from snout through eye to mid-base of caudal fin.
  • Large dark spot at tips of both dorsal fins and lobes of caudal fin with transverse dark bands.
  • A pair of yellow movable barbels.
  • Individual can also change body colouration into slightly whitish with strong mottling of reddish blotches and spots.

Common Name: Freckled goatfish

Family Common Name: Goatfishes

Family: Mullidae

Scientific Name: Upeneus tragula___(Richardson, 1846)

Genus: Upeneus

Maximum Length: 30 cm (Total Length)