Forsten’s parrotfish


  • Usually occurs singly and may form small groups.
  • Mainly feeds on algae.


Terminal phase:
  • Body green with pink scale edges. Middle area of body may be pink.
  • Nape greyish.
  • Mouth with an upper pink margin and a horizontal green band above. Another green band below mouth.
Initial phase:
  • Body reddish and may be greyish dorsally.
  • A dark grey patch from eye to pectoral fin base.
  • Behind pectoral fin base, there is a green to blue green patch with yellow to orangish outer region and greyish diffused margins. The patch extends posteriorly from pectoral fin base.

Common Name: Forsten's parrotfish

Family Common Name: Parrotfishes

Family: Scaridae

Scientific Name: Scarus forsteni___(Bleeker, 1861)

Genus: Scarus

Maximum Length: 55 cm (Total Length)