Flower cardinalfish


  • Observed singly, in pairs or in groups. Observed on one occasion in Hong Kong to occur in a group of more than 200 individuals, aggregating around an artificial structure.
  • Broods eggs in the mouth.


  • Body colouration golden-yellowish and iridescent
  • A dark band running from snout through eyes, lined on top and bottom of this band are sharp blue stripes.
  • Dark dots occur along lateral line and ending in a prominent broad blackish vertical bar (sometimes resembling a large round spot) on caudal peduncle.
  • Similar appearance to Ostorhinchus aureus, which also occurs in Hong Kong, but O. aureus possesses concave or hourglass blackish bar instead of convex or rounded blackish bar at caudal peduncle as seen in O. fleurieu.

Common Name: Flower cardinalfish, Gold cardinalfish

Family Common Name: Cardinalfishes

Scientific Name: Ostorhinchus fleurieu___(Lacepède, 1802)

Maximum Length: 11 cm (Standard Length)